Unify the break room experience across

all your locations

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The industry's best micro-market service across your entire company

Empire Market specializes in managing the micro-market service for employees across states, ensuring each experience is at the high level you expect.

Empire Market is a national micro-market service provider. This gives our customers with locations in multiple states the confidence that each employee experience will be at the same high level of satisfaction. We design and manage each market, and create a single point of contact for changes as well as simplified accounting and reporting.

How do we cover the entire county? Our partners are well-vetted micro-market service providers located in your area, who can offer fast, convenient service. You contact us, and we take care of the rest to ensure a seamless micro-market break room experience for your location across the United States.

What does our management offer?

A single provider handling your break room as the employee retention and reward asset that it should be.

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Ensure all your break rooms are designed and run equally, regardless of their location

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Our local partners are vetted for superior service and attention to customer needs<

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Simplified communication from product requests, service needs, accounting, and more

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Receive better pricing and promotions available across all your corporate micro-markets

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With our management service there is only one invoice, one sales report, and one contact

Unify your break rooms

Enjoy simple, company wide management of workplace refreshment with the experts -- Empire Market at (844)-8-MARKET or sales@empiremarket.com.

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