Create a space for employees to

shop and collaborate

Office micro-market in a break room

Hundreds of products in a customized break area

Today's break rooms need to be flexible, including a greater variety of refreshments and multi-use work areas.

Empire Market offers the convenience of food and beverages on-site along with the large selection available from a mini storefront thanks to the micro-market solution. Our micro-market concept uses premium stands, bright glass-front coolers, and open shelving to create an airy space that transforms your break room. Employees can shop the market any time of day, review product labels, and then make a purchase on the self-checkout kiosk with credit/debit card or micro market account.

Using a micro-market is as easy as shop, scan, pay, and enjoy.

From the open product displays to the technologically advanced touchscreen kiosk, a micro-market is the ultimate workplace refreshment solution.

Micro-markets bring a convenient and easy break time shopping experience to your business. Employees can pick up and examine the items, scan them at our self-checkout kiosk, and then pay with their favorite cashless method.

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Pay with mobile, credit, or your employee card

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Convenient, hassle-free food and beverage offerings

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Open 24/7 and secured with the latest technology

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Internet connected for real-time product data

Micro-market kiosk for easy payments

Upgrade your workplace refreshment

For companies who care about employee experience

Cafeteria style breakroom for employees
Convenient micro-market for happy employees
Self-serve kiosks making micro-market purchasing quick and easy
Variety of beverage, food, and snack options
Row of vending machines, fresh food, and snacks in a micro-market
Countless name brands for convenient vending

Micro-markets transform your break area into
a employee benefit.

Ensure your company culture supports inspiration and collaboration with a sophisticated break room from Empire Market at (844)-8-MARKET or

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