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Our vending machines and micro-markets incorporate the latest advancements in order to provide a superior experience and better efficiency.

Every investment Empire Market makes in technology is with the idea to better serve our customers. Micro-markets offer a greater number of products in an open design employees love. The self-checkout kiosks are secure and easy to use, digitally recording sales data and automatically producing restocking lists for your next service. Product picking is fast and accurate thanks to state-of-the-art pick to light warehouse technology. Vehicles only go when they need to, eliminating unnecessary trips and emissions.

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Pay with credit/debit card, mobile phone, or micro-market account

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Latest in self-checkout kiosk technology, including touchscreens

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Real-time reporting of sales and micro-market kiosk status

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Product picking solutions in the warehouse for fast, efficient delivery

The latest product selection system guaranteed to deliver just what you need.


When you need more than snacks, choose Empire Market.

Partner with a micro-market and vending machine provider dedicated to staying at the cutting edge of service -- Empire Market at (844)-8-MARKET or